Feedback/References (see signed letters attached at bottom)

Mrs M griffiths <Tel 07595 936366 /email>

A Level Maths feedback
Tue 15/06/2021 14:33

Hi John just got Rhys' results and he got 4 A*s! So that's an A* for maths and he's off to Cambridge!! We can't thank you enough for all your help over the years

(GCSE feedback given 9th Sept 2019)

Hi John

Here's our reference for you...

'John has been a fantastic maths tutor. He is professional and has very clear teaching methods. Not once did our son feel confused or overwhelmed by his lessons but rather enlightened and stretched.
John's kind, patient and calm manner ensured that our son quickly developed confidence and better understanding enhancing his maths ability in a short time;  resulting in an A* for GCSE and Distinction in Additional Maths. 
Because of John, he is now taking Maths A level! Thank you.'

Thanks Max

Chris Payne <>
Fri 21/08/2020 16:01

Our son has been tutored by John since Primary school. We contacted John to try and maintain and improve our son's performance. We noticed a positive influence that resulted in an A* in his GCSE exam. The tuition methods used have been perfect for our son and we are very grateful to John. He has a great understanding of the subject and the ability to teach and explain with simple effective methods. I would be pleased to recommend John to anyone looking to improve their child's mathematics performance."

Chris Payne

Mrs Odere
Sonny O'DARE <15o'>
Sun 06/09/2020 09:54

Extremely pleased with the service provided by John. 
My son started having tutor sessions some time before the GCSE exams, John helped him immensely particularly in increasing his confidence in his ability to perform the tasks.
I’m pleased to say that my son achieved an A in the Maths summer GCSE, as well as an A in the Numeracy Christmas GCSE, and is now starting to study A level Math.  We will continue to use Johns service in the future

Matthew Evans <>
Thurs 20 Aug 15:47 2020

Hi John,
I just thought I’d drop you a line to say that Jude got a B in the Maths GCSE. Not without a lot of help from yourself!! So please accept our thanks for helping Jude!

Please see reference below, please feel free to use this on your website etc.

To whom it may concern:So please accept our thanks for helping Jude! John has been a great tutor to our son. He was methodical and explained all topics in a clear way that helped our son gain the confidence needed, particularly with new topics.

Our son's maths improved noticeably, initially allowing him to move to the higher set. This also particularly helped with GCSE preparation and John's calm and gentle manner ensured our son did well in his exams. I'm very happy to recommend John to others who are considering using a tutor.  

I hope you and your family are ok.
best wishes
Matthew Evans

Feedback From Anna Kells via First Tutors
Feedback given: 18/11/2019

Rating: 5/5

Comments: Experienced, excellent tutor, speeded up learning and gave my daughter more confidence to take on her 4 GCSE Math Exams. John was not wasting any time, he was fast in covering as much as possible and effective (in line with my daughters needs). Highly recommended

Kerry Oakman: - GCSE or National 3-5 Maths tuition
Feedback given (via First Tutors): 09/09/2019

Rating: 5/5

Comments: Can’t recommend John enough, he breaks the subject down well and really helped my daughter who was struggling with the subject. Thanks to John she passed her exams and we are delighted. Thanks John....

From: Paul Rooney <>
Sent: 10 September 2019 12:03
To: <>
Subject: GCSE Performance
Hoping you are well, As discussed a reference for you attention.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Johns services, he worked extremely hard with our daughter whom had challenges with Maths. However through hard work on both sides she achieved a GSCE B Grade. This would not have been possible without Johns assistance.

Kind Regards

Paul Rooney

Feedback From Cordelia Jervis
Feedback given: 11/09/2019 via First Tutors

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John is an extremely reliable and patient maths tutor. He has been with us for a term and I have already noticed an important difference in my children's maths work.

Feedback From Kevin McCormack
Feedback given: 03/09/2018

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John was engaged to assist my daughter in her maths GCSE and to increase her confidence in the subject. She has found John to be very patient in going through the basics of each topic and ensuring she has a solid grounding which has enabled her to tackle mare complex problems. As a result she achieved an A* this Summer. Thank you very much John. Regards, Kevin McCormack

Feedback from Zoe Clancy 4th September 2018.

John was recommended to us through a friend, as we had been looking for a Maths tutor to help our son in his final GSCE year. At the beginning of the year it became clear that he was struggling with the topic and we were keen to support him. Even though we were running out of time John was very quick to help, he knows his subject very well and with care and patience he began to address the issues. Johns method of teaching was very effective and through the weeks that passed we could see our sons understanding of the subject develop, and it was great to see him improve, not just in ability but in confidence too. He was making real progress. 

As our son wanted to go back to school for A level it was crucial that he passed his Maths,  so we were over the moon when he received a grade C in both Maths papers!! Hooray!!!

We would be very happy to recommend John, and would like to say once again a very big thank-you for all your help and support.

Zoe Clancy GSCE 2018

Feedback from Alison MacArthur 2nd September 2018

My son Jac has been tutored by John throughout GCSE and A level and has attained his required grade in maths to study mechanical engineering at Swansea University.
He has been an incredible support to Jac giving him the encouragement and confidence to successfully complete his studies.
We are so thankful that we decided to have John tutor Jac and would highly recommend him as a competent tutor and trustworthy person.
Alison MacArthur

Sent: 31 January 2018 10:32
Subject: Reference

John is a patient and thorough tutor who will tailor the sessions to suit the individual. He gave our son the confidence boost to achieve his A*.

A Jones, Cowbridge

Feedback From Catherine Fodor

Further feedback  31/08/18 with regards to GCSE numeracy exam sat end of year 10.

Hi John, James only went & passed with a C. He is so happy. Thank you!!!! See you in september. Cath

Feedback given on first tutors: 05/09/2016

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John is an excellent tutor. He has given my son the confidence and a much better understanding of maths in just 6 months, resulting in improved SATS scores from the previous year. Now going into year 9, my son will continue to see John on a weekly basis. Highly recommended!!!

Jennifer Lewis 6th February 2018

Ieaun got 2 B's, being shy of A's by 3 marks and the school have sent his papers back to be remarked. He was disappointed, but we were chuffed as he had been predicted D's. So thank you, Jennifer

My reply...No problem. Sounds good and a vast improvement on the Ds

he was predicted. Was great to meet all your guys and hope your settled

in your house now.We really focused on the exam papers by the end as well doing some topics and try to cover his weak areas. We didn't have that much time together but does he think the tutoring made a difference?

From Jennifer...Oh yes and he is really enjoying the additional maths lessons, as he understands it. Who would have thought that?!

Reference letter 17/09/17 see bottom

Diana Mumar: 03/05/2017 - 8 hours of GCSE or National 3-5 Maths tuition
Feedback given: 10/06/2017

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John is a very dedicated tutor.
He projects his knowledge of maths in a professional and clear manner, with a sense of humour that helps a student focus, understand and succeed.
I would highly recommend John, he is an excellent tutor.

Feedback/references (letters attached at bottom, one of which is a current tutee, who I saw for GCSE and is now doing A level, core and mechanics, C1, c2 and M1 with my help)

Feedback with ratings have been also been given on First Tutors Agency and can verified on their website

Feedback from Rhian Francis 12 Feb 2017

My daughter Meg is in year 8 and found there were gaps from primary school which John helped with. She is much more confident with her maths now. I have no problem recommending John. Kindest regards Rhian.

Feedback from Graham Khulman 1st October 2017 see letter attached at bottom and below.

Erin had John as a tutor in year 11 for her maths after he was recommended by her friend Anya (reference from Simon King below, given on first tutors) and she achieved A* star for her maths GCSE and distinction in her additional maths. She saw her for A level maths in Year 12 and gave Erin a lot of help with her S1 and statistics and she achieved an A at As level.

Reference letter 17/09/2017

FAO John

Maths Tutor JohnMr Graham Kuhlmann

Bridgend3 Parcau Road


Penybont ar Ogwr

CF31 4TA

Re: Reference

Dear John,

Further to our conversation I am pleased to offer the below:

Our eldest Daughter, Erin has received expert tutoring from yourselfthroughout both her GCSE and AS mathematics courses. She has found this extremely beneficial in giving her the confidence to perform well in her exams.

Testimony to the good work you have completed with Erin is seen in her excellent exam results. She attained an A* at GCSE, and an A at AS level. Thanks to your help she exceeded her predicted grades, and is very pleased with the results.

Thankyou for your help and support in achieving this, I would have no hesitation in recommending your tutoring services to others.

Yours Sincerely,

Graham A Kuhlmann

Mr. Graham Kuhlmann

Feedback from Tina Thomas 19 Jan 2017 (YR 11 top set GCSE student)

Early September I was told by our school that my son would be sitting the new maths and numeracy GCSEs in November (6 months earlier than anticipated).
I asked John to help in the 2 months notice given. I gave him a list of topics outstanding on the course, and he worked through these new topics as well as revising others.

My son found him extremely helpful and his explanations of the work were clear to understand.

He was very accommodating in working his lessons around our busy schedules and also offering extra lessons as the exams drew nearer.

My son passed  the new numeracy and maths papers with A* in each.

Thank you John for your hard work and help.

T Thomas


Feedback From Veerasingam Jegatheeswaran

Feedback given: 17/09/2017

Rating: 4/5

Comments: He done hard work to my son for short period to get good level

Feedback From Mrs Caroline Hughes

Feedback given 13/10/16

To Whom It May Concern.

I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr John Hales. John began tutoring my daughter early in the final year of her Maths GCSE, as she was having difficulty with it in school. He remained her tutor throughout the academic year right up to her Exam.

In the short time that I have known John I have found him to be thoroughly professional and passionate about his tutoring. He is always cheerful and eager to engage his students in his subject. Our daughter’s progress under John’s tutelage has been tremendous and she certainly beneftted from his one-to-one weekly sessions. His methods and strategies are very effective in imparting knowledge and inspired our daughter to achieve more. My daughter told my husband and I how John motivated and encouraged her, ultimately helping her self-confidence in a subject she had previously struggled in.

The way he taught our daughter was very effective and methodological. John has an uncanny ability to make his students understand the subject with far more clarity than they would in school. Due to his teaching and our daughters hard work she was able to achieve a Grade B GCSE (Higher Level) where previously the school had advised that she wasn’t expected to pass the subject.

I therefore offer my recommendation of Mr John Hales without reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Caroline Hughes

07746 883020

Feedback from Joana and Carl Peterson

Feedback given 14/09/2016

With Johns help Josh got a B overall in his AS Level Maths (Core and mechanics, C1 C2 and M1) and was just short of an A which he can achieve with a M1 resit.

Feedback From Andrew Curtis

Feedback given: 01/09/2016

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John is a very nice Tutor. He know his subject extremely well, he is very patient and provides good learning techniques. He is also very encouraging.

Thanks Andrew.  I was really pleased Olivia got her A. She put a lot of work in since I started with her last summer. Wish her all the best.

Kind regards


Feedback from Michelle Greenwood

Feedback given01/09/16

John saw my son Rhys through out year 10 and 11. During which time he moved up sets from the foundation level and D grade to the higher level exam and he achieved a B grade at GCSE with Johns help. Well done to both of you! 

From: Ceri John <>
Sent: 25 August 2016 12:45
Subject: Leia

Hi John,

Hope the below is OK, my colleague Paul will be in touch in a few weeks’ time to talk about tutoring his son.  He asked me if you know any science tutors you could recommend as well.

 My daughter was really struggling with GCSE maths and had been predicted an E.A friend recommended John as he had been working with her daughter and getting great results. John worked with Leia for an hour a week over 4 months or so and we saw an instant improvement.

Leia became more confident and the 121 tution John gave her helped her to fully understand the things that she had struggled with

We have just picked up her results and are delighted she got a C which was the highest mark available to her. My only regret is not getting John sooner as I am sure with his help she could have easily sat the higher paper.

Thank you John highly recommended and money well spent.

Feedback From Kirsty Harrison

Feedback given: 25/08/2016

Rating: 5/5

Comments: My son has now had 4 tutorials with John and already I can see my son's confidence with maths improving. John was punctual, willing to accommodate our request re times etc and is very personable. He has quickly established an excellent rapport with my son We are hopeful that with John's help our son will achieve his potential in GCSE maths.

My son has achieved a B Grade in his GCSE and he is really chuffed with it. Without the considered, thoughtful and thoroughly professional tutorship from John, none of us believe that this would have ben possible. John has a great ability to impart knowledge and confidence in his subject… which has paid dividends. Thank you .John

 Feedback from Rebecca Wilson-Wood

Feedback given 25/08/2016

My daughter Libby is an A grade student in the top set but at the start of Year 11 she was achieving a B at GCSE. With Johns help through out the year, Libby got an A and a merit in Additional Maths. She is now studying Maths A Level. I would be happy to recommend John.

Feedback from Sheryl Wright

Feedback given 25/8/16

Tom got a C at GCSE at foundation level with Johns support. Thanks for all your help we very much appreciated it.

Feedback From Simon King (daughter Anya)

Feedback given: 12/03/2015

Rating: 5/5

Comments: John is a very professional and patient tutor. He is giving my daughter confidence and a better understanding of maths, GCSE level. She is finding maths much easier with John's tuition.

I would recommend John to anyone struggling with maths


Feedback From Jannette Frankham

Feedback given: 27/01/2014

Rating: 4/5

Comments: My son Tom needed help with his AS level maths. John was a great tutor with a positive maner. Tom's practice paper results have improved by 25% following just 7 hrs of intensive lessons from John giving him a big confidence boost. I would recommend John as a tutor

James Simpson - Portsmouth - GCSE- Rating: 5/5

Had it not been for johns assistant during this course I would not have achieved the c grade I needed.

If you are undecided with which tutor to go with, you won't be disappointed with John.


Connor Saunders - Portsmouth - A Level- Rating: 5/5

My son is enjoying his revision sessions with John, he's a great teacher & very patient. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the last few months with Connor, he said his exam went well on Friday.


Kate O' Rouke -Emsworth -  A Level - Rating: 5/5

John has been very good so far for our son, explaining the subject well, and being constructive in planning for exams, and covering the syllabus. He has been encouraging about progress, and also with pushing further with practicing past papers. Will got an A!


Mrs Kate Berry – Fareham GCSE
Both Stephen and Chris got A’s. Thank you for all your help. I am happy to recommend you to anyone!


Peter Hudson - Fareham – GCSE

John is very professional and I am happy to give him an excellent reference!

 Stephen Schomberg - Fareham - GCSE

am very pleased with Stewart's excellent progress over the 18 months that you have been working with him to  improve his understanding of mathematics for his GCSE curriculum. He is now confident and competent in this subject and enjoys the work. He achieved a C so far this year, in the linear foundation exam and we now await the results of his GCSE higher level math's exams with very positive expectations. 

 The work that he has done with you in mathematics has also boosted his confidence in other school subjects and has allowed him to realise that hard work and application can achieve good results. His enjoyment of school life grew alongside his improvement in mathematics and I am sure that his future achievements at College will be greatly increased due to the self confidence he has gained in his ability to learn. 

 Thank you for all your good work with Stewart and I hope that you have the opportunity to assist many other young people to achieve their maximum learning potential.

 Andrea Grey - Whitley – GCSE

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with Hannah over the last few weeks,

she felt her maths A and B papers were easy at the beginning of the week, and felt confident with her C paper today. 

 We will let you know how she got on when her results are available, and will definitely recommend you.

 Sharon Smith – Portsmouth – GCE

Sam got an A and an A*. We really though the tutoring helped and was well worth it.


Emma Smith – Portsmouth – GCSE

Hannah got a C at the foundation and is feeling good about the higher. I’m happy to recommend you. Thanks for your help.


Anna -Warsash – GCSE

Jack got a C at the foundation. We were very pleased your help and this was the best he could achieve at this level.


Richmond Mensah - Portsmouth - Pyschometric tests for Finance. 

John is a gentle teacher. He explained maths concepts to my understanding and also goes the extramile. He is patient and willing to support at all times. I would advocate John for everyone who needs a math tutor

 Hannah Benard-Taylor - Portsmouth - Maths and numeracy - QTS numeracy test.

I was really pleased with my progress and learnt a lot. I passed my QTS test and can now pursue the job I wanted as a primary teacher.

 Fiona Cumbo -  Portsmouth -Maths and numeracy - QTS numeracy test.

I made really good progress with John and passed my exam! 

 Further professional references

 Jackie Auckland-Jones

Charter Academy

Hyde Park Road



 PO5 4HL

Tel: 023 9282 4204

Fax: 023 9234 6220


Mr.Brian Thorton,

Curriculum Manager of Mathematics,

 Coleg Glan Hafren,

Trowbridge Road,




Tel. 029 20 250 305


Mr. Martin Jephcote

Director PGCE

School of Social Sciences,

University of Wales Cardiff,

Glamorgan Building

King Edward VII Avenue,



Tel 029 20875306


Dr. A. M. Davidson,

Chair of the Board of Studies in Mathematics,

University of Wales,

School of Mathematics,



Tel 029 20874827


(Paraplanner. Employed from July 2005 to February 2007.)

Mr Steve Boyle

Managing Director

Lowndes Halsden and Partners Ltd

Holt House

184 - 190 Caerphilly Road


Cardiff, CF14 4NR Telephone No.029-2069 4242


(Senior Financial Services Technician. Employed from March 2001 to June 2005)

Mr. Matthew Plumley,

Special Projects and Deputy Floor Manager

Hazell Carr

Abacus House

St Mellons Business Park

Fortran Road

St Mellons



Tel: 02920 819 000

Fax: 0870 622 1381


Hazell Carr

HR Department

King's Reach

38-50 Kings Road


Reading RG1 3AA


Alternatively email:

HR department enquiries

Tel: 0118 951 3700


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